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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction In Chapel Hill

Although it may appear difficult, a tooth extraction is a basic and straight-forward process for a Chapel Hill Dentist NCĀ and the patient.

There are several reasons why a dental health practitioner might recommend removing one or more teeth. The most frequent causes are severe tooth decay that is beyond what is reasonable to preserve. In certain situations, an extraction is used to prevent infection and make the patient more comfortable.

Extractions are also used to eliminate impacted teeth, malformed teeth, or teeth that are difficult to clean, such as wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth have a tendency to produce crowding or inflammation and therefore are often recommended to have removed. Preferably BEFORE they start causing problems with your other teeth or start causing pain.

The vast majority of tooth extractions are relatively brief procedures and are not especially painful. In fact, the extraction is often accompanied by relief on the part of the patient.

The gums should heal in a few weeks without difficulty or infection as long as the extraction location is kept clean and patients follow the instructions for care. Furthermore, if required and once the extraction site has healed, the dentist may restore one or more missing teeth with a bridge, denture, or permanent dental implant for both functional and cosmetic reasons.

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